Turkey Travel Tips – Travel tips

Turkey is among top 10 travel destinations because it has it all. The history of this country is amazing, culture is so rich and mixed, people are very friendly, it’s traditional but modern, too. In one word it’s beautiful and let’s find out why 23 million people visit Turkey every year.The cultural richness of Turkey is related to so many different communities from far back like Hittites, Phrygians, Romans, Byzantines, Crusaders, Mongols, Ottomans and many others who left their trays of living there. Also, Turkey has played a big role in the development of three major religions Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The consequences of that makes this country unique, people of three religions lived and worked together side by side and a culture that they left behind.The coastline of Turkey’s four seas is more then 8333 km long so the best time to visit it is between April and October. During that time, the coasts are very popular because the weather is perfect. The winter gets much colder. The Turkey is well known for having excellent rivers. All these makes it a perfect place for water sports, yachting, hiking, white-water rafting, mountain-climbing, bicycling, skiing and something a bit different, hot-air ballooning. Just take a pick. A huge number of festivals, Turkish and international, are held there every year.If you are a citizen of either Great Britain or the United States, you will need a visa for traveling into Turkey. The visas will expire ninety days after they are purchased. Visas can be applied over the Internet or purchased at the various entry points around the country, for cash. Single entry visa will cost around $26 and a multiple around $87.You can get to Turkey in every way possible. They, again, have it all. You can travel by plane, bus, car, train and ships. All the major cities are connected with Turkish airlines which is convenient for longer distances and not too expensive. Buses are modern, luxurious, frequent and cheaper. A car can be rented there if you want to be in charge when to stop and what to see but you need to be experienced driver specially in the country that you don’t know. Trains give you more comfort than buses, they are slower but you have expresses, super expresses and sleeping car trains. And ships, at last, play a big role in transporting as Turkey is surrounded by seas.Turkey offers a wide range of hotels and accommodations for any budget. Major cities such as Ankara and Istanbul offers large international hotels and local establishments as well. If you want to find out the list of hotels ranked by quality, the Ministry of Tourism has an extensive guide available to you. What is also attractive and interesting is that tourists can stay at Ottoman style homes and other historic places.