Baby Wearing Traveling Tips – On the Go Tips For You and Your Baby – Travel tips

By now you’ve probably purchased a baby carrier and are loving its versatility and convenience. And your baby is probably enjoying the comfort and bonding time he gets to spend with you. Now it is time to bring your baby wearing to the next level while traveling. While most errands and day trips are great with a carrier, it can become indispensable while traveling by plane.First, your carrier will be great while waiting in those long airport checkout lines. It keeps your child from wearing out his legs and patience before you get on the plane. It also keeps him safe and nearby while around so many different strangers in a strange environment. Just being close to mom can help baby feel secure in a new place.While on the plane, moms know how hard it is to discreetly nurse. With the help of a carrier like a Ring Sling (read a ring slings review for the type that will serve you best) a mother can nurse without disturbing any other passengers, and protect her own privacy.Slings and carriers like the Ring Sling also keep your hands free while managing those tricky spots, such as carrying luggage once you land at your destination. Carriers are indispensable for traveling, and it’s a great idea to get comfortable with your carrier before the trip, so that you can use it to its full advantage.  Remember to try out your sling carrier with a doll before you travel with your baby.