Travel Tips: Make Sure Your Suitcase Stands Out From The Crowd! – Travel tips

How many black or blue suitcases and bags do you see on the airport carousel when you are waiting to collect your bag? Many right? This is one of the reasons you want to make sure your suitcase stands out from the crowd. Here are our tips for ensuring that when you travel, your bags and belongings travel with you too.1. Choose luggage that is going to stand out from the crowd. When purchasing your suitcases, look for cases and bags that are brightly coloured, red, pink, yellow, orange, lime green are all good choices, patterned luggage is another quick way of identifying your bags. By choosing brightly coloured or patterned suitcases, you can help prevent them from being accidentally mistaken for another persons bags, avoiding any chances of them being picked up or off the carousel by someone else. Also this will help save you time waiting at the airport baggage area by being able to identify your bags quickly. Should your luggage go missing at the airport or it does not turn up at the baggage claims area, it will make it easier for you to give a description of your bags to attendants, helping them to find your cases more easily. Other ways to make your luggage stand out is to tie brightly coloured ribbon to your cases, or decorate with stickers.2. Label your luggage: It is essential to remember to label all of your luggage. Try to purchase cases where they have a clear pocket on the outside so that you can slip in a card with your current details. It is also important to put labels on the inside of your luggage, the more identification and details, the easier it will be to find if lost or stolen. It is also a good idea to label any items that do matter to you if they are lost or stolen, such as electronics, a favourite jacket or other clothing, diaries or shoesas an example. Sew or use fabric pens for clothing and ultra violet pens are good for harder and trickier items to label.3. Carry on you absolutely anything you do not want to lose or have stolen, that is credit cards, wallet, passport, jewellery. Never leave these items in your bags. Money belts, Bra Wallets and Travel Underwear can be purchased to help conceal these items. Also make sure that any valuables are covered by your insurance.4. Take good care of your luggage: Before travelling make sure that your luggage is in good order, that all the zips are working properly, it is labelled clearly and you have all the necessary locks for it.5. Photograph your luggage: Take a good clear photo of your luggage and store where you can easily access the photo such as your cellphone in the event that your baggage is stolen and if you can, take a print of it with you, this is another form of identification you can give to the police or airport attendants. Photograph any other items of value. Photograph passports and credit cards and if possible give a copy to a trusted loved one, relative or friend in case anything should anything happen to you.6. Make a list: Be sure to make an inventory list of all or most of the items in your bags and make two copies. One to keep on you and one to give to the airport should your bags get lost.7. Know your 3 letter airport code: If you are checking in your luggage with an agent at an airport, be sure to ask them what the airport code of your destination is and be sure to check that the correct code has been printed on the luggage tag before it is sent down the conveyor belt to the plane.8. What to do if your luggage does not turn up at the airport?: Firstly, Try Not Panic! In the event that this may happen to you, find a baggage attendant on duty as soon as you can. There is a possibility that it has been locked up in storage for safe keeping or that it has been loaded onto a non stop flight, even if you have stopped over on the way. Be sure to fill out any paper forms with as much information as possible to help them find your bags quickly and if you have any print outs of your luggage attach them too.