Worthwhile Travel Tips for New Zealand – Travel tips

The small country of New Zealand has become a lot more popular in recent years due to our expanding film industry and shows such as Flight of the Conchords which has achieved tremendous success in the states. Because of this more and more people around the world are thinking about visiting New Zealand for the first time.So here are some tips for the budding new traveller. I will be attempting a stab at humour so I sincerely apologise for the dismal failure in that department.We Need Sheep, Lots of SheepThere is one thing you have to realise when coming to this country and that is there are lots of sheep and I mean lots. There are more sheep than people by a very large ratio.But don’t worry they harmless animals which make our famous New Zealand wool that is generally a lot whiter than wool from other countries. If you’re travelling on a country road don’t be too surprised to see lots of sheep being herded on that road. It’s a good to pull over and let them go by and giving the farmer a friendly nod usually brightens up both people’s day.Where Are The Hobbits?It is true that we don’t have actual Hobbits in New Zealand but certainly many of us have similar personalities as Hobbits. But even if you can’t see real Hobbits here you can definitely visit many of the famous locations used in Lord of the Rings.They are scattered around the whole of the North and South Islands, so I recommend you look them up before you land so that you can plan where you need to visit. I personally recommend Glenorchy near Queenstown which has been used in many parts of the Lord of the Rings, as well as more recent filming for the Hobbit movie.What Is The Best Way to Get Around?Because this country has a lot of different looking locations all squeezed in a relatively small area, it gives you a number of options regarding ways to get around. A very popular form of transportation is hiring a motor home as it gives you a lot of freedom. Just don’t assume you can park anywhere for the nights though. There are quite a lot of places which this practice is not permitted.Another popular form of transport is riding a bicycle either alone (or with friends and family) or by going with a cycle touring company. Both options has their good and bad points but if you’re unsure on where to ride to and which places to stay then using a company can be a good option.Yet another great way to see the scenery is to hop on a train. The train service is quite good here. It does have delays from time to time but it fairly reliable. And if you really have to you can hire a car but if you’re going to do that I suggest you hire a 4 wheel drive vehicle as there are plenty of great dirt tracks for you to explore.