7 Important Travelling Tips When Travelling in Africa – Travel tips

African stunning landscapes and amazing wildlife offer a powerful contrast when considered against the poverty and violence of the people. Be prepared to encounter all these while travelling through Africa.1. “Howzit?”
There are hundreds of languages spoken all over Africa. Still, the vast majority of the natives will understand and will speak a slang version of English. For example, “Howzit?” means “How are you?”2. You are so rich
Regardless of how little money you are carrying on you, you will be considered rich. Thus, always stay alert, as you may become the victim of petty theft or even of some more serious crime events.3. Violent outbursts
Africa, especially South Africa, is known nowadays for violent outbursts against foreigners. It is even highly recommended to avoid certain areas because of the increasing incidence of armed robbery, carjacking and murders.4. How to visit
In light of the above, travelling through Africa as part of a guided tour is more advisable than visiting by yourself. As distances are great between areas of interest, you should favour tours combining travelling by plane with travelling by coach.5. When to visit
The high season of visiting Africa spans form November through March. If you want to enjoy a cooler weather and encounter fewer tourists, you need to come to Africa in April/May or September/October.6. Bring your binoculars
Say Africa and you are actually saying safari! Hence, do not forget to bring your binoculars; otherwise you will be missing on a lot of animal action7. Beware of sun and mosquitoes
Wear long-sleeved trousers and shirts, and hats to avoid sunstroke. Also, use plenty of sunscreen lotions. In order to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, do not forget to use an insect repellent and to sleep under mosquitoes nets. Malaria can be contracted if bitten by an infected mosquito, thus you should consider having some vaccination before coming to Africa.