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Germany Travel Tip – Learn The True Meaning Of Gemutlichkeit At Schlenkerla In Bamberg – Travel tips

Almost hidden from the world in a quaint street in the old part of Bamberg you can find the historical brewery tavern Schlenkerla – one of the top addresses for beer in the world. If you like beer, after the first Seidla (half-liter) you have enjoyed of this incomparable Smokebeer, you will be hooked forever. But no worries, it is possible to buy some bottles to take home or even to order it online.This cozy tavern with its low timbered ceilings is located in one of the oldest and most beautiful houses in Bamberg and was first mentioned in 1405. What makes Schlenkerla so unique is its original dark-brown, aromatic Smokebeer (in German called Rauchbier), which matures in 700-year-old cellars deep down in the hills of Bamberg and is still being tapped directly from the wooden barrel.In everyday life the typical Franconian acts rather reserved towards strangers – not so at Schlenkerla. This historical beer tavern brings people together. In relaxed and joyful atmosphere people of all classes and countries sit together on big wooden tables and have stimulating conversations while they drink their beer.Especially in the summertime Schlenkerla is worth a visit as its glorious inner courtyard is open for the public then. When you sit here in the sunshine, have a glass of beer and a bite of typical Bavarian food (try the infamous Schlenkerla cheese!) you will truly understand the meaning of German Gemütlichkeit.This is an example of what you can do in Bamberg while traveling in Germany. If you want learn more about Bamberg we compiled a more comprehensive Bamberg travel guide in collaboration with local residents that provides unique travel insider tips which you can use during you Germany vacation.

Holiday Season Travel Tips – Travel tips

The holidays are here, and that means more travel for everyone. The roads and the skies will be especially busy over the next few weeks. Your priority during this holiday season should be security and safety, both for your home when you are away, and for yourself and your family as you travel.From unexpected delays to over-tired kids, traveling during the holidays can be a trying and sometimes dangerous time. But there are some smart ways to travel which can reduce your stress and keep you safe. Consider the following tips to make this travel season your best yet.Secure your homeOne of the most effective ways to deter burglars from invading your home while you are away is to install a home security system. 9 out of 10 convicted felons state that they would avoid breaking into a home that has a home alarm system. Alerting would-be burglars that your home is protected is your first defense against holiday break-ins.Don’t advertise your travel plansResist the urge to post your holiday plans on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. If that information shows up on strangers’ feeds, you are giving them detailed information regarding when you will be away from home.Plan ahead when traveling by car
Know your route. Be sure you are familiar with your driving directions and feel comfortable about your route. To avoid encountering unexpected road closures or detours, contact the Federal Highway Administration. There you will find useful information about road status and traffic.
Give your car a check-up. There’s nothing like that sinking feeling when something goes wrong with your car many miles from home. Increase the odds that your trip will be problem-free by checking your oil level, tire pressure, windshield wiper fluid and radiator water.
Pack an emergency kit for snow emergencies. The cold temperatures and hazardous driving conditions that winter brings makes being prepared for emergencies critical. Make sure you have blankets, matches, a snow scraper, jumper cables and a first aid kit with you. Snacks, a charged cell phone and kitty litter (helps give your tires traction on the ice) are other great emergency items to have.Stress-free air travel
Book early. By not waiting until the last minute to schedule your flight, you can save money as well as choose to fly on less busy days. Fewer people fly on the holiday itself. Consider flying on December 25th or January 1st.
Leave early. Plan to leave at least an hour early for the airport so you have plenty of time for the unexpected. Expect longer waits at airport as well, because winter weather is notorious for causing delays. Having a book to read while you wait is a great idea.
Travel as lightly as possible. The less stuff you have to keep track of, the better. Airlines are increasing baggage fees too. Pack only what you absolutely need for trip, and consider shipping gifts directly to your destination rather than traveling with them.
Keep the kids happy. If you are traveling with children, plan ahead to help them be as relaxed as possible. Make sure they are well rested before the flight, and if they need any medications to help with comfort, be sure to give it to them. Have special activities planned to keep them busy, and offer them healthy snacks and plenty of water.It is usually the unexpected that makes holiday travel difficult. You can make this season different by preparing.

Travel Tips to Make Flying More Enjoyable – Travel tips

These days, going to the airport can almost seem like an entire trip in itself. Between new regulations, long lines, delays, and more delays once you’re on the plane, it seems like a lot of work goes into the simple process of getting to the airport and flying to your destination.As a result, I’d like to share a few tips with you that may help to make the experience easier. I travel pretty regularly so these help to keep my sanity intact, preventing me from experiencing the frustrations that so many others do.First of all, travel light at all times whenever possible. Baggage checks are not only a hassle these days due to the extra wait times you’ll experience after your flight. Many airlines are going as far as charging you extra money to check luggage.In order to make sure that you’ll be able to fit your luggage as a carry on bag onto the plane, ensure that you’re not traveling with any liquids that don’t meet regulations. Additionally, make sure that your bag meets the proper guidelines.I’ll also recommend bringing a few snacks onto the airplane as well. Way too many people fail to realize that many airlines have decided to cut back on meals.As a result, a bit of food could keep you satisfied while you’re in the air. Make sure to bring some bottled water too, as the experience of flying itself is known to dehydrate you.Lastly, if you have any kind of handheld entertainment device, download some entertaining games or videos to keep you occupied in the air.You’d be amazed at how quickly the time passes when you have something small like this to keep you busy. I’ve found myself on flights where what felt like an hour was three in the air, thanks to these distractors.Try any of these things out and your experience at the airport will be one that’s less stressful, and a bit more enjoyable.

7 Important Travelling Tips When Travelling in Africa – Travel tips

African stunning landscapes and amazing wildlife offer a powerful contrast when considered against the poverty and violence of the people. Be prepared to encounter all these while travelling through Africa.1. “Howzit?”
There are hundreds of languages spoken all over Africa. Still, the vast majority of the natives will understand and will speak a slang version of English. For example, “Howzit?” means “How are you?”2. You are so rich
Regardless of how little money you are carrying on you, you will be considered rich. Thus, always stay alert, as you may become the victim of petty theft or even of some more serious crime events.3. Violent outbursts
Africa, especially South Africa, is known nowadays for violent outbursts against foreigners. It is even highly recommended to avoid certain areas because of the increasing incidence of armed robbery, carjacking and murders.4. How to visit
In light of the above, travelling through Africa as part of a guided tour is more advisable than visiting by yourself. As distances are great between areas of interest, you should favour tours combining travelling by plane with travelling by coach.5. When to visit
The high season of visiting Africa spans form November through March. If you want to enjoy a cooler weather and encounter fewer tourists, you need to come to Africa in April/May or September/October.6. Bring your binoculars
Say Africa and you are actually saying safari! Hence, do not forget to bring your binoculars; otherwise you will be missing on a lot of animal action7. Beware of sun and mosquitoes
Wear long-sleeved trousers and shirts, and hats to avoid sunstroke. Also, use plenty of sunscreen lotions. In order to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, do not forget to use an insect repellent and to sleep under mosquitoes nets. Malaria can be contracted if bitten by an infected mosquito, thus you should consider having some vaccination before coming to Africa.

Traveling Tips That You Need to Know! – Travel tips

When you travel, it gives you confidence to face the world with any challenges. You may experience unexpected things in life. Traveling boosts your ego. It makes you understand life and respect other tradition and beliefs. It changes your personality to become a more adaptable and wide-knowledge person.In traveling, it is important not to miss any single place that is near you. As long as you have time, night and day, grasp everything within your reach and treasure every moment. Traveling is not about wasting your time, and energy.It is not about spending your savings and you get no profit. Experience pays everything. In order to enjoy the rest of your stay, take the following tips:Learn their language – Learn the common lingo, the basics at least. Like the common term for “Thank you” and “Hello.” Building good relationship and being down-to-earth help to gain learning and friends while you are traveling.Go with the flow – When you visit places, you experience common practices. Every place has its own uniqueness. Just go with the flow. Try new things. Do not limit yourself to something that you already know. Learn to acquire new things, eat new or weird food, activities that sometimes look crazy, but happy.Record every moment – Take a notebook or keep a journal of every single moment of your travel experience. It records every single happiness and adventure you have managed with your life as a traveler. When you want to catch up and review all that happened and accomplished, you’ll realized you’ve got a lot of treasures.

Travel Tips For Flying With Service & Guide Dogs – Travel tips

The first thing that you should research is which airlines fly to your destination, then find out which one has a non-stop flight to your destination and also your return ticket should be non-stop. Then if you have a choice of airlines find out which one has the least restrictions for your service animal and then that is the one you book your tickets with.You can make your reservations online, however, once you get your ticket with all of your flight information, be sure and call the customer service department of the airline and state you needs and requirements and make sure they indicate it on your ticket information. This is the time to request bulkhead seating and to remind them that the Americans With Disabilities Act states that guide dogs and service animals are permitted to travel with their humans on public transportation. When the special requests are in place, ask them to email you a copy of the updated information. Then be sure and do all of this for your return ticket, as sometimes this information isn’t automatically put on the return ticket. Also get the name of the service representative and a direct phone number to the service department in case you need to call back for any reason.While you are talking with the service representative be sure and ask the exact documentation and requirements for your service animal with that airline, always remember that each airline may have individual requirements and certificates in order for your service animal to accompany you while flying. These requirements will need to be current and usually can be completed by your veterinarian. Carry these papers with you along with your tickets and boarding passes.Your service animal is not considered a pet so it is in a separate category and you should not be charged any extra costs to have them board with you. Do remember that you will need to get clearance and will be subject to quarantine laws where you are landing, so be sure all of that research is done prior to leaving so you aren’t separated for any length of time. There may be paperwork you need for this, so be sure and check so there are not any surprises.When you get to the airport your guide dog and all of its equipment will need to be physically inspected right along with yours. Be sure and be clear to the inspection station the best way to inspect your dog and to be very clear, as only you know your animal and how it was/is trained. If your dog has been trained that it is off duty when its equipment is taken off be sure and indicate this to the inspector, to leave all of his harness etc on, and do not let them separate you from your animal.Once your guide dog has been cleared for travel, flying with your dog should go smoothly and it gives you the wonderful freedom to know that you can enjoy traveling and experience all the wonders that able bodies people can, which of course is your definite right and that is why there are strict laws in place to protect you and your rights.

Baby Wearing Traveling Tips – On the Go Tips For You and Your Baby – Travel tips

By now you’ve probably purchased a baby carrier and are loving its versatility and convenience. And your baby is probably enjoying the comfort and bonding time he gets to spend with you. Now it is time to bring your baby wearing to the next level while traveling. While most errands and day trips are great with a carrier, it can become indispensable while traveling by plane.First, your carrier will be great while waiting in those long airport checkout lines. It keeps your child from wearing out his legs and patience before you get on the plane. It also keeps him safe and nearby while around so many different strangers in a strange environment. Just being close to mom can help baby feel secure in a new place.While on the plane, moms know how hard it is to discreetly nurse. With the help of a carrier like a Ring Sling (read a ring slings review for the type that will serve you best) a mother can nurse without disturbing any other passengers, and protect her own privacy.Slings and carriers like the Ring Sling also keep your hands free while managing those tricky spots, such as carrying luggage once you land at your destination. Carriers are indispensable for traveling, and it’s a great idea to get comfortable with your carrier before the trip, so that you can use it to its full advantage.  Remember to try out your sling carrier with a doll before you travel with your baby.

Healthy Holiday Travel Tips For Arthritis Sufferers – Travel tips

Traveling over the holidays can literally be a pain for arthritis sufferers. Here are some welcome tips…Hydrate yourself. Drink plenty of water and keep a water bottle handy.Drink alcohol in moderation, particularly when flying. The dehydration properties of alcohol are magnified by air travel. The intoxicating properties of alcohol are also magnified. Not a good idea if you’re taking arthritis medication.Get an aisle seat on the plane. That will allow you to get up frequently to walk and stretch.If walking through an airport is going to be a chore, make sure you call and schedule someone to meet you with a wheelchair ahead of time. Airlines are usually very accommodating.Eat frequent, healthy, light meals and snacks. You can pack your own which is probably the best idea. Avoid heavy, sugary, fatty foods.Keep a complete medical history (allergies, medicines, eyeglass prescription, etc.) and your physician’s contact information with you at all times.If you’re going someplace sunny, ask your rheumatologist about whether you need to worry about medicines sensitizing your skin and causing rashes.If you are traveling to a foreign country, make sure you know who and where to call if you have a medical emergency requiring the attendance of an English-speaking doctor.Bring a travel pillow for your neck and low back.Travel vests are a great investment. These vests have lots of pockets to store stuff.Dress for comfort- not for style- and by all means wear comfortable shoes.Use wheeled luggage when possible.Ask for assistance when stowing your bag in the overhead bin. Better to get help than strain your back or shoulders.Travel increases your contact with germs. Make sure you take your nutritional supplements- particularly vitamin C. Airplanes and airports are loaded with bacteria (as apparently are some cruise ships!). Avoid drinking the water in countries where sanitation is suspect. That goes for ice in drinks as well.To ensure better sleep, use eyeshades and earplugs.Dress in layers.Use moisturizer on the face and hands. Use lip balm.Walk as much as possible if traveling on an airplane. This will help reduce the likelihood of deep vein thrombosis (DVT)- blood clots.

Turkey Travel Tips – Travel tips

Turkey is among top 10 travel destinations because it has it all. The history of this country is amazing, culture is so rich and mixed, people are very friendly, it’s traditional but modern, too. In one word it’s beautiful and let’s find out why 23 million people visit Turkey every year.The cultural richness of Turkey is related to so many different communities from far back like Hittites, Phrygians, Romans, Byzantines, Crusaders, Mongols, Ottomans and many others who left their trays of living there. Also, Turkey has played a big role in the development of three major religions Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The consequences of that makes this country unique, people of three religions lived and worked together side by side and a culture that they left behind.The coastline of Turkey’s four seas is more then 8333 km long so the best time to visit it is between April and October. During that time, the coasts are very popular because the weather is perfect. The winter gets much colder. The Turkey is well known for having excellent rivers. All these makes it a perfect place for water sports, yachting, hiking, white-water rafting, mountain-climbing, bicycling, skiing and something a bit different, hot-air ballooning. Just take a pick. A huge number of festivals, Turkish and international, are held there every year.If you are a citizen of either Great Britain or the United States, you will need a visa for traveling into Turkey. The visas will expire ninety days after they are purchased. Visas can be applied over the Internet or purchased at the various entry points around the country, for cash. Single entry visa will cost around $26 and a multiple around $87.You can get to Turkey in every way possible. They, again, have it all. You can travel by plane, bus, car, train and ships. All the major cities are connected with Turkish airlines which is convenient for longer distances and not too expensive. Buses are modern, luxurious, frequent and cheaper. A car can be rented there if you want to be in charge when to stop and what to see but you need to be experienced driver specially in the country that you don’t know. Trains give you more comfort than buses, they are slower but you have expresses, super expresses and sleeping car trains. And ships, at last, play a big role in transporting as Turkey is surrounded by seas.Turkey offers a wide range of hotels and accommodations for any budget. Major cities such as Ankara and Istanbul offers large international hotels and local establishments as well. If you want to find out the list of hotels ranked by quality, the Ministry of Tourism has an extensive guide available to you. What is also attractive and interesting is that tourists can stay at Ottoman style homes and other historic places.